Personal Health Record Company Offers Stimulus Aimed at Reducing Medical Costs and Creating More Spendable Monies Now

February 12, 2009

Computerized Personal Health Records: Just What the President Ordered

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — MMR Information Systems, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: FVRL) (“MMR”) announces private sector stimulus in support of the stimulus.

Yesterday, the Senate and House negotiators reached an agreement on the economic stimulus bill that includes approximately $20 billion in funding for health information technology. One key component is the spending of billions of dollars for the creation of computerized medical records, including Personal Health Records (PHRs) for all Americans. Meanwhile, numerous companies in the private sector are already providing online Personal Health Records with proven functionality that did not rely on huge government subsidies to create them.

As the two houses work to finalize the legislation to be signed into law, MMR, a provider of the consumer-controlled MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record, available at www.mymedicalrecords.com, asks the question: Why isn’t the government encouraging consumers and employers to create a secure online PHR now by utilizing technology that already exists?

“We applaud President Obama’s commitment to modernizing the healthcare system and rolling out the red carpet for computerized medical records by investing in long term technology,” said Robert H. Lorsch, MMR Chairman & CEO. “At the same time, we believe that government should not ignore the billions of dollars already invested by the private sector in health information technology and PHRs and to do its part to educate consumers to utilize services that are available now.”

“There are numerous studies that demonstrate how a Personal Health Record can reduce medical costs,” added Lorsch. “The result is more money in consumers’ pocketbooks to start spending now and to help jumpstart the stimulus. Further, given the high cost of medical care for a family of three, one could make the argument that savings from a family’s use of a PHR could be significantly higher than the projected tax credits in the various versions of the stimulus plan.”

The MyMedicalRecords PHR is a secure, easy-to-use Personal Health Record that consumers control to ensure the privacy and immediate availability of their medical records and other important documents whenever and wherever they are needed, especially in an emergency through a proprietary Emergency Login feature. MMR’s technologies enable any doctor or healthcare professional to easily transfer the patient’s medical information, from physician notes to lab reports to scanned images, into the patient’s PHR by upload, fax or voice into a secured patient-controlled online account. The system also includes interactive tools for calendaring and to check for adverse drug interactions, a major source of costly emergency room visits. Each individual account covers up to 10 family members including pets, and features unlimited fax and voice messaging capability.

MMR is doing its part to stimulate individuals into seeing for themselves the benefits of having a secure online Personal Health Record. For the next 30 days or until the President signs the stimulus package into law, whichever is later, users can try a MyMedicalRecords Personal Health Record for 15 days at no charge by visiting www.mymedicalrecords.com and entering the registration code: PHRNOW. MMR will then provide ongoing service for $1 per month for one year including unlimited fax and voice messaging into a user’s online account. Normally, an MMR account would cost as much as $100.00 per year.

The MyMedicalRecords PHR is also available to employers to offer their employees as a benefit. For pennies a month per employee, employers can provide employees and their families a secure and easy-to-use PHR, thereby enhancing the value of health savings plans and beginning the process of more cost-effective healthcare for all.

About MMR Information Systems, Inc.

MMR Information Systems, Inc. (formerly Favrille, Inc.), through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, MyMedicalRecords, Inc. (collectively, “MMR”) provides secure and easy-to-use Web-based storage solutions, serving consumers, healthcare professionals, employers, insurance companies, unions and professional organizations. Seeking to empower consumers to have greater control over their health and well-being, MMR facilitates access to medical records and other important documents, such as living wills, birth certificates, passports, advance directives and insurance policies, anytime from anywhere using the Internet. MMR’s principal product, the MyMedicalRecords PHR service, accessed through www.mymedicalrecords.com, is built on proprietary patent-pending technology that enables users to transmit documents, images and voicemail messages in and out of the MyMedicalRecords PHR system using a variety of methods, including fax, phone, and file upload without relying on any specific electronic medical record platform to populate a user’s account. Users and medical providers can fax paper records (such as laboratory tests, radiology reports and physician’s notes), or scanned images can be uploaded, into a secured personal account, which the user can access and organize as necessary, including filing particularly sensitive documents in virtual lockboxes protected by secondary passwords, and designating certain records as accessible to medical personnel and first responders by way of a separate Emergency Login. MMR also offers its MyEsafeDepositBox service, available at www.myesafedepositbox.com, which is designed to provide secure online storage for vital financial, legal and insurance documents in addition to medical records using the same patent-pending technologies that drive the MyMedicalRecords PHR service. In its final stages of development, MMR’s MyMedicalRecords Pro service is designed to give physicians’ offices a cost-effective solution to the costly and time-consuming problem of digitizing paper-based medical records. MMR clients include AFL-CIO, Alexian Brothers Hospital Network, Coverdell, MedicAlert, Midwest Research Institute, Qvisory, XN Financial and others. MMR is also one of the integrated service providers that launched on Google Health. Additional information regarding MMR’s business and its products, including trial accounts, is available at www.mymedicalrecords.com. Information on MMR’s Websites is not incorporated by reference into this press release.

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