February 16, 2009

Cell Injections Mend Broken Bones?

Researchers  identified a new, faster method to help heal broken bones.  It requires the injection of cells taken from the patient's own bone marrow. The cells are injected into the fracture area and a clinical study proved it speeds up the healing process.

Dr. Seok-Jung Kim from the Catholic University College of Medicine, Seoul, coordinated a multi-centre, randomized clinical study of the osteoblast treatment.

"The cultured osteoblast injection group showed fracture healing acceleration of statistical significance, and there were no specific patient complications when using this treatment. Cultured osteoblast injection should therefore be considered as a successful treatment option for long-bone fracture," Kim was quoted as saying.

Dr Kim added the injections provide an alternative to surgery and can be performed simply under local anesthesia.

SOURCE: BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders


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