Free Video for Health Care Providers and Patients Who are Preparing for a Colonoscopy Is Now Available at www.TriLyte.com

February 24, 2009

ATLANTA, Feb. 24 /PRNewswire/ — A new video to help health care providers
prepare patients for a colonoscopy is now available free of charge from the
company that makes TriLyte(R) (PEG-3350, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate
and potassium chloride for oral solution) with flavor packs,
(www.TriLyte.com), which is indicated for bowel cleansing prior to a

The video provides guidance to patients who are preparing for a
colonoscopy by explaining the importance of cleaning the bowels prior to the
procedure. It details how to mix and complete the preparation at home,
provides a diagram of the procedure, and explains what a physician might do
during the exam, and what happens after the procedure is finished.

“Often there is a temptation for patients to take shortcuts when preparing
for a colonoscopy, due to the time it takes to complete the process or the
taste of the solution,” said Dr. Virinder Nohria of Alaven Pharmaceutical,
LLC. “TriLyte has five flavor packs for the patient to select from to improve
the taste, and now this short video will help patients understand why it is so
important to complete their preparation for their colonoscopy. A physician
needs to visualize the entire length of colon, and proper patient preparation
is key to obtaining the most thorough colonoscopy possible.”

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in men and in
women in the United States. Colon cancer is the second-leading cause of
cancer-related deaths in the United States. About 112,000 people are
diagnosed with colon cancer and about 41,000 new cases of rectal cancer are
diagnosed each year according to the American Cancer Society(1).

The death rate from colorectal cancer has been dropping for the past 15
years because polyps are being found by screening colonoscopies before they
can develop into cancers. There are approximately one million survivors of
colorectal cancer in the United States, and this number continues to grow(1).

According to Dr. Virinder Nohria, patient compliance is one of the most
important aspects of an accurate colonoscopy.

“Thorough preparation prior to a colonoscopy helps prevent the need for
repeat examinations due to errors,” said Dr. Nohria. “This simple and
instructive video provides the patient with the right information and can be
accessed by a health care provider or patient anywhere, anytime.”

To watch the video, to order it on CD, or for full prescribing
information, please visit www.TriLyte.com, or call 888-317-0001.

    (1) www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/colon-and-rectal Accessed 02/12/2009
        www.medicinenet.com/colon_cancer Accessed 2/12/2009
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TriLyte(R) with flavor packs is indicated for bowel cleansing prior to
colonoscopy. TriLyte(R) with flavor packs is contraindicated in patients known
to be hypersensitive to any of the components and in patients with ileus,
gastrointestinal obstruction, gastric retention, bowel perforation, toxic
colitis or toxic megacolon. No additional ingredients should be added to the
solution. Use with caution in patients with severe ulcerative colitis. Use in
children younger than 2 years of age should be carefully monitored for
occurrence of possible hypoglycemia. Nausea, abdominal fullness and bloating
are the most common adverse reactions to administration of TriLyte(R) with
flavor packs. Published literature contains isolated reports of serious
adverse reactions in patients over 60 years of age.

SOURCE Alaven Pharmaceutical, LLC

Source: newswire

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