March 11, 2009

Boy beats odds by being born

Doctors in Cleveland say that a baby beat odds of 1 in 500,000 when he was delivered four months after his mother's amniotic sac broke.

Matthew Michael Janson was delivered Friday at MetroHealth Medical C enter weighing 4 pounds, 5 ounces, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. His mother, Denise Janson, spent the last 11 weeks of her pregnancy in the hospital.

When Denise Janson's amniotic sac ruptured in November, she was told a miscarriage was almost inevitable. She and her husband, Mike, both law enforcement officers outside Cleveland, decided to get a second opinion.

Dr. Brian Mercer, director of Fetal-Maternal Health at Metro-Health, told them the odds were not good but were not zero.

She had to stay pregnant, Mercer said.

Denise Janson was admitted to the hospital when she was 23 weeks pregnant, the point where the baby might be viable. She and the developing fetus were monitored continuously and 11 weeks later doctors decided Matthew was ready to enter the world.

Doctors are still unsure why her amniotic sac ruptured. She had no infection or any of the other conditions that can cause it to break prematurely.