Health Robotics Announces European Launch of i.v.STATION(TM) and Global List of 2009 Installations

March 18, 2009

BOZEN, Italy, March 18 /PRNewswire/ — Health Robotics today announced
the European launch of its i.v.STATION Robot with a demonstration at the
European Association of Hospital Pharmacists in Barcelona, Spain [Booth 21,
Level -1] next week. Health Robotics also announced an updated list of the
i.v.STATION installations around the world, and the simultaneous showcase of
CytoCare(TM), the world’s only Chemotherapy IV Robot, at the EAHP booth of
one of its strategic partners (B|Braun, Booths C9-C12).

The primary challenges in today’s IV Admixture operations are serious
medication errors, high costs, turn-around time, lack of sterility, wasted
materials, lack of audit trails, motion injuries, space constraints and
difficulty in maintaining adequate and trained staff. i.v.STATION was
designed to address these issues and overcome the fact that until now, the
range of products and technology available to mitigate these challenges has
consisted of variations on the IV “piggyback” bag, outsourcing of IVs, and
partial robotic solutions that have seen very limited adoption and success
over the past decade. i.v.STATION represents a revolutionary approach in the
quest for safe, accurate, efficient, cost effective, and ready-to-administer
IV Admixtures. Constructed around a scalable, distributed, and fail-safe
architecture, i.v.STATION offers unprecedented final container flexibility,
life-critical patient safety, and robotic precision and performance.

Health Robotics has reached agreements for 16 i.v.STATION installations
in 2009 at the University of Texas’ M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Houston),
University of Southern California Hospital (Los Angeles), Brigham and Women’s
Hospital (Boston), Ochsner Clinic (New Orleans), Fairview Children’s Hospital
(Minneapolis), University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), University of
Colorado (Denver)
, and Allegiance Health (Jackson, Michigan) in the United
, plus Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (University of London,
), King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre (Riyadh, Saudi
), Kameda Medical Center (Japan), Dubai Health Authority (UAE), Agean
University Hospital (Izmir, Turkey), Tawam Hospital-a Johns Hopkins Medicine
Affiliate (Abu Dhabi, UAE), Bozen Krankenhaus (Bozen, Italy) and Campus
Biomedico University Hospital (Rome, Italy) in the rest of the world, with 4
additional sites to be announced next month.

i.v.STATION may be deployed in a variety of locations, including central
and satellite pharmacies and direct patient care areas, due to its
self-contained form, ISO Class 5 environment, and small “foot print”.
Pharmacies may, for the first time, choose a robotic configuration that suits
their needs, rather than being forced into the dated alternative of
“one-size-fits-all, million-dollar-plus” robots. Whether a Pharmacy chooses
single or multiple i.v.STATION configurations, it will benefit from fully
automated compounding while producing its ready-to-administer IV doses in a
variety of syringe, bag, vial, and tamper-evident caps from many medical
suppliers including Baxter, B|Braun, Beckton Dickinson, Hospira, IMF,
Covidien, and Terumo. Furthermore, i.v.STATION supports “just-in-time IV
filling” to reduce urgent turn-around-time issues of life-critical patients
while avoiding premium prices associated with pre-filled bags and syringes
and high cost closed-system-transfer devices, which are all made obsolete by
the i.v.STATION technology.

“The strategic partnerships for i.v.STATION between Health Robotics and
Devon International Group, AHCSC, TOSHO, and Can-Med are quickly paying off
as evidenced by the recent addition of several renowned American and European
hospitals to the 2009 i.v.STATION installations previously announced at ASHP
in December 2008. I am very pleased with the prestige and diversity of the
hospital pharmacists that have chosen to partner with Health Robotics. After
developing the only existing Chemotherapy IV Robot [CytoCare], we have now
leapfrogged the competition in non-hazardous IV Robotics as well. I look
forward to meeting some of these pharmacists at Barcelona, where Gaspar
DeViedma, one of the two architects behind i.v.STATION will demonstrate the
new robot’s features and benefits. The upcoming i.v.STATION global
installations represent a great mix of hospitals [academic and community,
general and oncology, adult and pediatric] and even a centralized compounding
service” stated Werner Rainer, Health Robotics’ CEO.

On the heels of the ASHP kick-off in North America, this European launch
is a testament to Health Robotics defying the conventional wisdom that a
start-up technology company in the healthcare sector cannot leave its
competitors behind since its genesis 2 years ago. Health Robotics intends to
complete its i.v.STATION strategic partners’ line-up after the conclusion of
demonstrations to multiple healthcare companies in Europe, Oceania, and Latin
, some of which will take place during the EAHP Congress in Barcelona.
The 20 global Beta installations will be key in assuring that Health Robotics
can deliver a mature, feature-rich, flexible, and cost-effective product to
the more than nine hundred i.v.STATION purchase orders the company has
already registered from all over the world.

About Health Robotics:

Health Robotics is the global leading supplier of life-critical
intra-venous medication preparation, compounding, and dispensing Robots, with
forty-five-times more units sold that all of its competitors combined, and
providing healthcare facilities in 4 continents with robotics technology and
software automation solutions. The world-leading solutions CytoCare
[hazardous IVs] and i.v.STATION [non-hazardous IVs] have and will greatly
contribute to ease global hospitals’ & clinics’ growing pressures to improve
patient safety through the effective and efficient production of sterile,
accurate, and ready-to-administer IVs, to decrease life-threatening
medication errors and contamination risks, and to work more efficiently,
increase throughput, reduce waste, and contain spiraling costs.

    For additional information, please contact:

    Health Robotics
    Gaspar G. DeViedma
    Altmanstrasse 9A, Bozen, Sud-Tyrol, I-39100
    USA: +1-(609)-980-7976
    EUROPE: +39-(346)-963-4934

SOURCE Health Robotics SRL

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