March 25, 2009

Sperm Bank Now Offering Discounts

On Tuesday, Xytex International, a U.S. sperm bank, announced a stimulus package for customers who are hurting during this economic crisis.

Xytex is offering up to $200 off per vial of sperm to clients wishing to start or add to their family, but need a little help.

"We're all feeling the effects of the economy and, especially for families seeking reproductive options, every dollar counts," Xytex spokeswoman Danielle Moores told AFP.

Xytex is offering deals on the "select" donors, rather than the usual "standard" donor.

"Select donors are a new level of donor which we introduced to try to help our clients who are interested in third-party reproduction but, with the tough economy, are having a little bit of trouble purchasing a regular donor," Moores told AFP.

The select donors are men who Xytex has "many, many vials because they're very successful donors or able to stop in several times a week or -- for whatever reason, we have a huge inventory," explained Moores.

Xytex considers this the effect of supply and demand.

"Select donors haven't reached the end of their shelf-life, they're just over-produced," Moores said.

The select donors run between $250 to $350, with a savings now between $135 and $235.

Xytex is also offering deals on ART donors, which is "assisted reproductive technology."  These can run between $290 and $390.

"These are vials that are available for patients who are undergoing either IVF or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), which can be very costly procedures," said Moores.

"For ICSI, you really only need one sperm which is injected into the egg. So we can offer these donors at a lower cost because there's a lower quality commitment, but it works for these patients because they need fewer cells anyway," Moores said.

"It's a way to offer another option at a slightly better price to help someone undergoing IVF or ICSI to have a family," she said, stressing that while prices have been cut, Xytex has not scrimped on its usual rigorous medical, psychological and genetic screenings for donors.


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