April 8, 2009

Chronic Cannabis Abuse Triggers Vomiting Condition

Persistently partaking in cannabis may trigger a particular medical condition typified mostly by ruthless frequent vomiting, reported doctors from Omaha Nebraska.

According to a Reuters report, Dr. Siva P. Sontineni and colleagues from Creighton University Medical Center depict a marijuana veteran of 6 years, a man just 22 years of age in the World Journal of Gastroenterology. 

"He suffered severe vomiting episodes with visits to the emergency room requiring expensive investigations and hospitalizations," Sontineni told the press. "Each episode would occur periodically and there was a peculiar phenomenon of hot showers helping to relieve his symptoms transiently."

The vomiting symptoms and discomfort in the abdominals ceased when the patient resisted smoking pot. 

Researchers are investigating what exactly causes the vomiting syndrome as well as why it surfaces only after many years of marijuana use.  They are also trying to understand why hot showering relieves the symptoms. 

"Given the high prevalence of chronic cannabis abuse worldwide and the paucity of reports in the literature, clinicians need to be more attentive to the clinical features of this under-recognized condition, Sontineni and his colleagues informed in their analysis.

Sontineni has received numerous correspondences from individuals confirming comparable symptoms with marijuana usage since the release of this case study.  He believes "it clearly shows that the 'cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome' is more prevalent than the medical community currently recognizes."

Further, Sontineni emphasizes individuals with the condition "need to receive appropriate counseling that the syndrome is curable with abstinence from abusing the cannabis. This can save valuable time and resources for the patients and healthcare systems."  


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