New Topical Painkiller Relieves Severe Pain in Minutes

April 13, 2009

ENCINO, Calif., April 13 /PRNewswire/ bluMjk (pronounced “Blue Magic”), a
new over-the-counter topical painkiller, uses patent pending skin and nerve
penetrating technology to relieve the majority of moderate to severe pain
experienced by most pain sufferers. Within minutes of a topical application,
bluMjk restores pain nerve fibers to their natural resting state, which
eliminates the sensation of pain. R & S Research developed this new
penetrating technology to quickly and safely deliver the active ingredient,
salicylate, deep into the skin and target nerve cells without any side-

Salicylate has historically been an effective oral pain reliever acting as
a Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug, with the same mode of action as
aspirin or ibuprofen. Topically, applied bluMjk works much faster and much
more powerfully to relieve moderate to severe pain in a wide variety of pain

The unique combination of all natural ingredients which comprise the
carrier system of this new formulation bring the active ingredient,
salicylate, through the layers of the skin and then through the cell membrane
of the nerves that transmit the sensation of pain to the brain. Because of the
speed with which bluMjk works the R & S Research team concluded the effect of
bluMjk on these pain nerves is to shut off their output and restore them to a
resting state. Because bluMjk is not an anesthetic it has no effect on any
other nerves, and sensations of touch, pressure, hot, cold, etc are unaffected
by this medication. Since the effect of bluMjk takes place where the pain
originates there is no effect on the brain and therefore no chance of
habituation or addiction. bluMjk is as powerful as a narcotic and as safe as

bluMjk has been used in a large variety of clinical pain syndromes
effectively, including tension and migraine headaches, both osteo and
rheumatoid arthritis, various nerve inflammations including herpes zoster
(shingles), and has been found to be effective in almost every type of
peripheral pain including muscle and joint pain of almost any origin.
Interestingly, this medication has been effective in some extremely hard to
treat conditions such as TemperoMandibular Joint disease and the chronic
severe intractable nerve pain that may occur in some cases of shingles. One
of the most resistant pain conditions afflicting the human race, Reflex
Sympathetic Dystrophy or CRPS, has been shown to be responsive to bluMjk on an
anecdotal basis.

Pain relief after using bluMjk typically lasts four to six hours.
Clearly, the quality of life of many pain sufferers can now take a turn for
the better.



R & S Research, LLC, located in Encino, CA, is a manufacturer and
wholesaler of over the counter pharmaceuticals based on the company’s
proprietary skin and cell membrane penetrating technologies. It is dedicated
to the mission of developing unique products that have no existing
counterparts. It is doctor owned and operated. http://www.rs-research.com

     Galen Weaver, Media Relations
     R & S Research

SOURCE R & S Research

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