April 17, 2009

Most People Unfamiliar With Alcohol Calorie Content

A recent survey shows that many people are unaware of the calorie content of alcohol, BBC News reported.

In a government effort to curb people's drinking habits, some 2,000 adults in England were surveyed over how they use alcohol in their lives.

It found that 4 in 10 drinkers were unaware that a glass of wine has the same calories (120) as a slice of cake, or that a pint of lager, which has 170 calories, is the same as a small sausage roll.

The report noted how many drinkers pile on additional weight after heavy drinking by following it with an unhealthy breakfast.

Disease risk and other consequences of drinking have been just a few of the previous risks brought to attention by he Know Your Limits campaign.

This year's focus on unhealthy weight gain due to drinking used data from the Department of Health, which carried out research showing a regular beer drinker, who downed five pints a week or 250 over the course of a year, packed away the same number of calories as someone eating 221 doughnuts over the space of 12 months.

Additionally, the average wine drinker consumed 2,000 calories each month"”the equivalent of eating an extra 38 roast beef dinners over a year's time.

"Regularly drinking more than our recommended daily limits can have a knock-on effect on our health, including an expanding waistline," said Health minister Phil Hope.

He said it's not only the calories in the drinks themselves that can help to pile on the pounds, but people are also more likely to eat fatty foods when they've had one too many.

Most people would baulk at consuming a full glass of single cream, but wouldn't think twice about a couple of pints, according to Heather Caswell, of the British Nutrition Foundation.

She pointed out that the calorie content is similar and, over time, excess alcohol intake is likely to lead to weight gain.

"It's imperative we are in the know when it comes to what we are drinking," said a spokesman for the Drinkaware Trust.


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