May 1, 2009

Food advocates call shake ‘food porn’

A food advocacy group in Washington is calling the 1,920-calorie Oh Fudge! shake from Cold Stone Creamery food porn.

Jayne Hurley, senior nutritionist at the Center for Science in the Public Interest, said if the obesity epidemic needed a stimulus package, it would look much like the shake, which costs $5.50.

To offset the calories of the shake, people would have to spend more than four hours on a step machine or nearly seven hours doing water aerobics, Hurley said.

If you really need an Oh Fudge! shake, find a Cold Stone Creamery that's 10 miles away from you, walk there, and then drink it on your 10-mile walk back, Hurley said in a statement.

Even if calories are of no concern to you, the large Oh Fudge! shake has 69 grams of saturated fat -- the kind of fat that clogs arteries and causes heart attacks. It's like slurping up two pounds of T-bone steak and a buttered baked potato through a straw.

The smaller-sized Oh Fudge! shakes have 1,250 or 1,660 calories, Hurley said.