May 8, 2009

Irish senior’s death maybe food poisoning

Ireland's Health Service Executive said it is investigating the death of an elderly man at a Mayo County nursing home where food poisoning is possible.

The health organization said in a statement the death of the unidentified 89-year-old man at the St. Fionnan's community nursing unit is being investigated to determine if he is the most recent victim of a possible food poisoning outbreak, The Irish Times said Friday.

Five staff members and 11 other residents at the nursing home on Achill Island have fallen ill.

The health service said since the first patient showed signs of illness Thursday night, a general practitioner has been working with the nursing home to limit the possible infection.

The local GP attended all the ill patients during the night. All infection control measures to curtail this outbreak have been implemented by the nursing unit, the Health Service Executive said.

Public health specialists are reviewing food histories of all patients in the nursing unit to identify the source of this outbreak, it added.