‘Qu-Chi’ Acupressure Band Gives Hayfever Misery the Elbow

May 11, 2009

LEEDS and LONDON, May 11 /PRNewswire/ –

– New Hayfever Relief Product Based on Acupressure Points Now Available
in UK Stores & Widely Available on the Internet

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Hayfever was unheard of only 200 years ago, however, it’s believed that
it now affects as many as 1 in 4 people in the UK. For those who do suffer
with hayfever, it’s either complete misery with symptoms such as reduced
concentration, runny nose and itchy eyes throughout the day or the need for
drug treatments that can have side effects such as drowsiness.

Hayfever is costing businesses up to GBP7.1 billion per year according to
a published study by Professor Jean Emberlin (director of the national pollen
and aerobiology research unit) mentioned in the Daily Telegraph dated 19th
April 2009
. Professor Emberlin found that of 2000 hayfever sufferers
surveyed, nearly 80% did not operate properly during the hayfever season and
2% could not function at all.

Airtight International Ltd has recently launched the ‘Qu-Chi’ (pronounced
‘Kyoo Chee’) acupressure band as a solution to these issues. The ‘Qu-Chi’
band is a highly effective, clinically tested, drug-free product to help with
hayfever relief and aid the symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis. Importantly, a
series of clinical trials suggest that the ‘Qu-Chi’ band alleviates the
suffering associated with hayfever.

The ‘Qu-Chi’ band is a fast acting remedy, does not cause drowsiness, is
suitable for people of all ages, can be worn at night to help with sleep
problems and can also be used all year round to help with the treatment of
non-hayfever allergic rhinitis.

Developed in 2000 by leading acupuncturist, Andrew Broch (pictured
above), when researching various treatments and remedies, the ‘Qu-Chi’ band
works by applying pressure to a specific acupuncture point on the arm, known
as the ‘Qu-Chi’ point, also known as Large Intestine 11 (Li-11). This point
is used to pull heat away from the face and Broch, found in practice, that it
reduces the body’s sensitivity to allergens, thus relieving symptoms.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer a real solution to the problems that
millions of hay fever and allergic rhinitis sufferers face every year,” said
Broch. “In addition to our clinical testing, feedback and testimonials have
been overwhelming.”

“For the first time ever, people can now reap the benefit of relief that
the ‘Qu-Chi’ acupressure band offers to those who suffer from hayfever and
allergic rhinitis.”

The trials were placebo controlled crossover trials and the product is
now registered as a Class 1 medical device and carries the CE mark.

The ‘Qu-Chi’ point has previously been shown to reduce the affective
effects of histamine type reactions in the Body (‘Preventive effect of
acupuncture on histamine-induced itch: A blinded, randomized,
placebo-controlled, crossover trial’ , Pfab etal, Journal of Allergy and
Clinical Immunology:Dec 2005.vol116;6,1386-1388).

The RRP for the band is GBP9.95, making this a most economical, as well
as an effective solution.

The ‘Qu-Chi’ band has already received much media acclaim, including by
The Daily Telegraph’s ‘Dr LeFanu’.

The ‘Qu-Chi’ band would like to support ‘National Allergy Week’, by
offering 20% off the price of our ‘Qu-Chi’ bands purchased through
http://www.qu-chi.co.uk website for 1 week. Input this code at checkout to
make use of the offer. ‘discount code is ‘Allergy’

Editors Notes

The original ‘Qu-Chi’ hayfever band was developed in 2000 by Andrew
, who was working at the time as an acupuncture & acupressure
specialist. Andrew then took the basic concept to Airtight International, who
went on to develop it and make it into a marketable product.

The ‘Qu-Chi’ hayfever acupressure band is available to buy from worldwide
wholesalers, UK stores, high street pharmacies, health clubs, by mail order,
Amazon – http://www.amazon.co.uk and many independent website shops.

A picture accompanying this release is available through the PA
Photowire. It can be downloaded from http://www.pa-mediapoint.press.net or
viewed at http://www.mediapoint.press.net or http://www.prnewswire.co.uk.

For further information, please visit http://www.qu-chi.com or email:

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