May 30, 2009

New swim fabric lets sun penetrate to skin

A new swimsuit material that lets 80 percent of the sun penetrate to the skin could contribute to deadly forms of skin cancer, British health experts said.

The material, meant to eliminate tan-lines, has thousands of microscopic holes in the fabric that make it transparent, said John Walker, who owns Kiniki, the maker of the Tan Through fabric.

When looked at, the material appears solid because of abstract patterns and prints that confuse the eye, Walker said.

Walker's company warns wearers of Tan Through to be vigilant in applying sunscreen under the material. Health experts, however, said many wearers likely will be less than judicious in protecting tender skin, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

We recommend UV protected clothing and this is the very opposite, said Richard Clifford, a spokesman for the Karen Clifford Skin cancer charity.