July 15, 2009

Group Nuns Tested By Scientists

The lead researcher of a group of scientists said Wednesday that they found a group of over 400 nuns, which is the perfect sample group for an investigation into links between education and sensibility.

The nuns are from a sorority in Bavaria in southern Germany. 

Psychologist and epidemiologist Horst Bickel told the Catholic press agency KNA that the nuns were chosen so it would eliminate any outside influences that might falsify the results.

He said that the nuns were the perfect sample group because they were one homogenous group who has lived together for decades in the same convent with similar conditions of daily life.

Out of the 442 nuns studied, 104 showed signs of dementia, according to the results.  Ninety-two of those had a low level of education, showing a correlation between education level when young and the development of cognitive difficulties in later life.

The study also showed nuns that have been entrusted with positions of responsibility were less at risk of developing sensibility.

Bickel told the nuns thank you for their participation.  Sister Erharda Bauer, one of the head nuns, said that she and the sisters wanted to "help science, and therefore man."