July 16, 2009

Doctors warn of child drowning risk

U.S. doctors say children under age 5 and those between ages 15 and 24 have the highest drowning rates.

The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center researchers also say the Center's for Disease Control and Prevention reports that a swimming pool is 14 times more likely than a motor vehicle to be involved in a death of child under 4 years of age.

Irreversible brain damage, the doctors say, occurs after four to six minutes and determines the immediate and long-term survival of a child. Quick action is needed in case of drowning, but it is better to recognize the dangers and take action to prevent drowning.

Children can drown in even the smallest body of water including toilets, decorative fountains, bath tubs, buckets, etc., Dr. Wendy Pomerantz said in a statement. Any time you have a standing body of water that is accessible, make sure you supervise your child at all times.