July 20, 2009

Popular beverages can cause teeth erosion

Popular beverages -- such as sodas and citric juices -- may be causing teeth to erode, a U.S. dentist says.

Dr. Mohamed Bassiouny of Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia says in an article published in General Dentistry excessive consumption of highly acidic beverages such as carbonated drinks can cause tooth structure to wear away.

Dental erosion is a demineralization process that affects hard dental tissues such as enamel and dentin, Bassiouny says in a statement.

Bassiouny recommends having a dental professional check teeth for erosion and if there is erosion, the dentist can help the patient take three steps to:

-- Identify the source of erosion. Information about the acid content of commonly consumed foods or beverages may be available online or on the product's label.

-- Implement measures to control and prevent further damage and possibly restore damaged tissues.

-- Stop consumption of the suspected food or beverage or at least reduce consumption of it to the absolute minimum.