July 27, 2009

Caring Through Sharing, Life Changing Stories

Thanks to advances in the fields of medicine and science, people all over the world are receiving better health care and living longer, healthier lives. It's our mission at Ivanhoe Broadcast News to inform people of the latest breakthroughs and treatments so they may seek better care.

It's my personal goal this year to talk to as many people as I can whose lives have been impacted by a story that Ivanhoe has produced. Perhaps you read about a new procedure and had it performed on yourself. Or maybe you came across a new diet and you've lowered your cholesterol or blood pressure. Whatever the impact is, I want to hear about it!

If you're suffering from a problem that you can't seem to find enough information about, let me know. We'd love to be able to produce a story that will impact you personally. If we've already produced a story on the topic, I will send it to you along with our research material.


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