July 28, 2009

Cat owners resent ‘crazy cat lady’ moniker

People who own more than one cat are described as lonely, homebodies, cluttered and crazy cat ladies, a U.S. survey indicates.

The survey found that 88 percent of multiple cat owners credit their cats with making their lives more fulfilling and rewarding, Pia Salk, a psychologist and spokeswoman for the Tidy Cats Campaign to End Cattiness, said in a statement. Most domestic cats live in multiple cat households.

The Tidy Cats national survey reveals people who do not own cat describe 75 percent of people with more than one cat as being a homebody, 69 percent as lonely and 58 percent as crazy cat lady. Non-owners say 75 percent would describe multiple cat owners' homes as smelly, 85 percent say furniture and bedding is covered in cat hair and 66 percent say it is cluttered.

Meanwhile, 96 percent of multiple cat owners describe themselves as being caring and loving, 90 percent use generous, 87 percent say well adjusted and 87 percent say their cats do not prevent them from keeping their home clean and odor-free.

Nearly one-quarter of multiple cat owners surveyed say they would like to eliminate the crazy cat lady stereotype and prefer being called cat lover or animal lover.

The Ipsos poll conducted May 21-26 included 750 U.S. adults who do not own a cat and 500 adults who own more than one cat and has a margin of error of plus-minus 3.6 percentage points and 4.4 percentage points.