August 10, 2009

British Eyelash Transplant Successful

On Sunday, one of Britain's biggest cosmetic surgery clinics said they have carried out the nation's first-ever eyelash transplant on a 19-year-old with a hair-pulling disorder.

The procedure, which took four-hours and cost $5,850, consists of removing hairs from the back of the patient's head, then replanting them into cuts in the eyelid.

Transform, which is a network of 22 cosmetic surgery clinics in Britain, said that the eyelashes then gradually thicken between four and six months after surgery.

This procedure was pioneered in the United States.

"The eyelash transplant procedure is a very safe, cost-effective and pain-free treatment that can have life-changing effects," said Shami Thomas of Transform, which only identified the patient as being from the Manchester area.

The teenager who underwent the surgery suffered from trichotillomania, which is an impulsive control disorder where sufferers compulsively pull out their hair, leaving bald patches.