August 12, 2009

Israelis drive Palestinians to hospital

Israeli volunteers are driving West Bank Palestinians for daily medical treatment to and from Israeli hospitals, an Israeli hospital spokeswoman said.

Yuval Roth, an Israeli whose brother was killed by terrorists 15 years ago, founded the Way To Recovery in 2006 after a Palestinian friend asked for help to travel from Ramallah in the West Bank to Haifa's Rambam Medical Center, Dganit Kenig spokeswoman Rambam for said.

For the past five months, 2-year-old Aya Aiid Abu-Mois has been picked up from her home in a village outside the West Bank city of Jenin and driven to the Rambam for daily dialysis, Kenig said.

Today the service provides transport to 60 Palestinians, she said.

Roth's brother served in the army's reserves, and was kidnapped with another soldier and slain by three Hamas militants, Kenig said.