August 21, 2009

CPSC: Recalled bassinets can pose danger

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said parents should immediately stop using convertible close-sleeper/bedside sleeper bassinets by Simplicity Inc.

In September 2008, a 2-month-old female in Georgia suffocated when she rolled into the adjustable fabric siding of the bassinet, pressing her face into a pocket which formed near the Velcro fasteners. In a January 2009 incident, a 6-month-old female in Texas appeared to have been fatally entrapped in the bassinet's bar opening created when the Velcro fasteners were not secured.

CPSC has received two separate reports involving a 10-week old and a 3-month-old whose heads became entrapped between the lower bassinet bar and the mattress support. These two infants were freed by their caregivers without injury.

The Simplicity 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 convertible bassinets -- including bassinets with the Graco logo and Winnie the Pooh motif licensed by Disney Consumer Products -- contain metal bars that are covered by an adjustable fabric flap, which is secured by Velcro fasteners intended to be partially removed when the bassinet is converted into the bedside/close-sleeper mode.

If the Velcro fasteners are not properly re-secured, an infant can slip through the opening and become entrapped.

Parents and caregivers are advised to return these bassinets to the retail store where they were purchased, the CPSC said.