WCC Smart Search & Match and Priv-ID Announce Global Collaboration

September 10, 2009

UTRECHT, The Netherlands, September 10 /PRNewswire/ –

– Powerful Multi-Modal Fusion Platform Powers Privacy-Enhancing Biometric

WCC Smart Search & Match, a leading provider of high-performance search
and match software, today announced its collaboration with priv-ID, a leader
in providing biometric technology that guarantees privacy and anonymity for
the user. The collaboration will provide enhanced identification and
authentication for WCC’s ELISE ID – The Platform for Multi-Modal Fusion.

The ELISE ID platform, which delivers multi-modal fusion across both
biographic and biometric data uses priv-ID’s biometric technology for fast
fingerprint identification. ELISE ID offers a very flexible system for
identification that addresses the needs of legacy systems with biographic
data as well as the evolving needs for innovative biometrics, such as those
from priv-ID.

In a demonstration to be available at the upcoming Biometric Consortium
Conference in Tampa, Florida, and at Biometrics2009 in London, UK, WCC and
priv-ID are collaborating to show score-level biometric fusion and cascaded
fusion in action. This demonstration will run on ELISE ID’s massively
parallel architecture with one million profiles consisting of biographic and
biometric data and will deliver identifications with sub-second response
times. A special feature of the demo is its ability to dynamically switch
fusion methods and algorithms to show how ELISE ID can be adapted to
situations with specific data or search requirements.

“With priv-ID we are able to show our customers a great integration of
privacy-enhancing biometrics with the leading biometric fusion platform,”
said Peter Went, CEO of WCC, “We are eager to show our large-scale database
demo in Tampa and in London, which showcases the priv-ID technology within a
highly reliable and scalable infrastructure.”

“The combination of our truly private biometrics and the ELISE ID
platform offers real advantages for identity solutions in fields ranging from
health care and banking to government IDs,” said Michiel van der Veen, CEO of

For a demonstration of priv-ID and ELISE ID in action, please visit booth
#413 at the Biometrics Consortium Conference in Tampa, Florida or booth #305
at Biometrics 2009 in London. To schedule a private demo at the conference,
please contact marketing@wcc-group.com

About WCC

WCC is a global technology leader in search and match software. Its ELISE
matching system delivers the best possible identity matching results using
multiple biometrics and/or biographic criteria. WCC’s core competencies are
in Identity Matching (biometrics), HR/staffing and other markets.

For more information, please visit: http://www.multimodalfusion.com

About priv-ID

priv-ID B.V. is the leading provider for biometric identification
software that guarantees the true anonymity and privacy for the user. priv-ID
is set to accelerate the rapidly growing biometrics markets by resolving the
worldwide concerns of privacy, non-renewability and cost of deployment.
priv-ID B.V. is a spin-out company Royal Philips Electronics and is based at
the High Tech Campus, Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

For more information, please visit: http://www.priv-id.com

Priv-ID is a trademark of priv-ID B.V.

ELISE is a registered trademark of WCC Group BV in the United States and
other countries.

SOURCE WCC Smart Search & Match

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