July 5, 2005

UK health Web site launches online diagnosis

LONDON (Reuters) - A Web site launched on Tuesday will
allow people to read their bodies for clues as to their health
and to consider possible help for any ailments.

Users of the online diagnostic tool --
www.mybodylanguage.co.uk -- face a range of questions such as
"are you forgetful?," "do you crave butter?" and "have you lost
your sense of humor?" from the cyber doctor.

Depending on the answer, patients are told the probable
vitamin or mineral deficiency they may be suffering from, and
what they should do to get rid of the symptoms.

"Body Language empowers the general public to have greater
control over their own health and puts the emphasis on
prevention rather than cure," one of the creators, biochemist
Graham Cope, said in a statement.

Cope and co-creator Jim Campbell set up the free-to-users
Web site to help people take steps to improve their health.

"We have developed the Body Language concept so that people
can identify deficiencies and replenish them with healthy
foodstuffs," said Cope.

Campbell, a forensic scientist, said many doctors use the
same kind of thinking in their medical diagnosis as used by the
Web site which gives detailed explanations as to causes and
effects of health problems.