Head Lice Meet Their Natural Match – Leading Experts Say Safe Solution Proves Best for Lice and Nit Removal

September 21, 2009

PASSAIC, N.J., Sept. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Back to School season is here and so are head lice. The reports of lice becoming resistant to the chemical insecticide solutions are all true, and the answer lies in natural solutions, according to the experts. Most lice remedies today, whether over the counter or by prescription, are designed to kill lice but do not remove or kill the Nits (their eggs). At any point those eggs can hatch and there’s a brand new case of head lice. With most so called “remedies” you cannot treat again for at least a week because they are pesticide based solutions. The answer, as in so many cases, lies in all natural products like the ones made by Fairy Tales Consumer Products of Passaic, NJ, the leader in organic lice removal and prevention since 1999.

“Do you really want to put insecticides or harsh chemicals on your child’s head?” asked Risa Barash, Executive Director of Fairy Tales Consumer Products. “Do you want to wait a week for nits to hatch and see your child suffer through another outbreak shortly after you just treated him with those same harsh chemicals?” added Barash. All natural products remove the eggs naturally by dissolving nit “glue” and they kill lice by dissolving the exoskeletal system of a live bug. Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye is designed to do just that and do it in the most effective, safe way. According to Barash, “none of the current products on the market gets rid of nits AND removes live lice — Fairy Tales is the first company to create a product that does both.” Super-Lice are no match for enzymes, as lice cannot become resistant as they have with chemicals such as pymethrin, which can be dangerous, yet is available in other OTC products. “I can’t imagine having to wait until a nit hatches and a live bug is crawling around in my child’s hair to treat her again. As a parent I want all the bugs and nits out immediately. As a business owner, I find it irresponsible and misleading,” continued Barash.

According to LICE PREVENTION NEWS, the online resource for lice prevention and treatment: patients want a natural method to help them remove head lice. With many schools still using the No Nits Policy, parents want a safe, effective and quick treatment so children can get back to school. Non toxic, pesticide free treatments such as Lice Good-Bye from Fairy Tales is a mousse based foam, not a dangerous chemical or a messy oil, so treatment is not only effective but doesn’t leave a greasy mess. This type of natural treatment makes the whole process quicker, easier, safer and most importantly healthier.

About Fairy Tales Hair Care for Children

Founded in 1999, Fairy Tales Consumer Products is the maker of the organic Rosemary Repel(R) lice prevention hair care system and Lice Good-Bye nit removal kit. Fairy Tales products are sold internationally in thousands of stores and on the web. Headquartered in Passaic, New Jersey, Fairy Tales Consumer Products is the U.S. leader in all-natural lice prevention hair care products that are safe, non-toxic and can be used daily all year-round. Fairy Tales conducted the only independent study on the use of natural lice removal and prevention products.

For more information contact: Risa Barash (888) 244-1990 or Risa@Fairytaleshaircare.com or visit www.fairytaleshaircare.com.

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