Breathing is No Sweat with New VELCRO(R) Brand EVAPTEX(TM) High-Performance Fabric

September 23, 2009

MANCHESTER, N.H., Sept. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Velcro USA Inc., a company that has spent the last 50 years making lives easier with its innovative products, today announced its latest invention: an incredible new fabric called VELCRO(R) brand EVAPTEX(TM). EVAPTEX(TM) fabric is a woven high-performance breathable textile that wicks water away from the skin and allows for air to circulate through while keeping the fabric temperature-neutral for the wearer.

“In response to feedback from the medical and emergency responder markets about heat retention, moisture, weight, comfort, and thickness of the fabrics currently available, we set out to create a new type of fabric that addresses all of these concerns and virtually disappears from sensory perception when worn,” commented Daryl Pfaff, Senior Marketing Manager and leader of the team that invented EVAPTEX(TM) fabric. “In essence, you are wearing a fabric that feels like it isn’t there.”

EVAPTEX(TM) fabric offers many product features combined in a single superior product. These features include:

  • Patent-pending evaporation technology which wicks moisture away from the skin and creates a temperature-neutral environment
  • Soft surface next to the skin for long-lasting comfort
  • Anti-microbial properties from the material’s silver ion technology to eliminate odors and repel harmful bacteria
  • Durability allowing EVAPTEX(TM) fabric to be machine washed
  • VELCRO(R) brand hook-compatible loop surface to ease positioning and adjusting of fasteners, resulting in the perfect fit for the wearer

EVAPTEX(TM) fabric can be incorporated easily into medical devices, such as sleep apnea headgear, orthopedic braces, and tracheotomy straps, where the anti-microbial properties of the fabric are most important. EVAPTEX(TM) fabric is also ideally suited for turnout gear and fire protection suits where safety isn’t the only concern. Moisture control and breathability that make the gear more comfortable can be overlooked.

“Whether it’s a patient who was just diagnosed with sleep apnea and wants the most comfortable headgear possible in order to assure compliance, or a firefighter who needs turnout gear that protects him from the heat and flames but wants to prevent chaffing and discomfort from low-quality linings, EVAPTEX(TM) fabric is now the logical choice,” added Pfaff.

In high-performance situations, breathable fabric is a must. Although many fabrics wick moisture and perspiration away from the skin, EVAPTEX(TM) fabric offers the advanced moisture processing from the inside-out needed to keep the wearer dry and neutralize odors while also creating a water- and bacteria-resistant barrier from the outside-in.

“The market has asked for this fabric, and we are pleased that two years of R&D has resulted in such a superior product,” continued Pfaff. “A simple test of EVAPTEX(TM) fabric reveals its amazing capabilities, and although the applications are limitless, early interest from the medical and fire protection markets demonstrates the fabric’s perfect application for high-performance use.”

EVAPTEX(TM) fabric is now a competitively priced option for medical device and emergency responder equipment manufacturers as a cost-effective and beneficial add-on to existing and new products.

EVAPTEX(TM) high-performance fabric will be featured this week at IFAI Expo 2009 (the specialty fabrics/technical textiles industry annual trade show hosted by the Industrial Fabrics Association International) by exhibitor and Velcro USA Inc. Authorized Distributor Fastening Systems Inc. (booth 1800).

Made in the USA, VELCRO(R) brand EVAPTEX(TM) fabric is now available for purchase from the company, its distributors, and resellers. It is offered with two color options: light blue with a white backing, or gray with a black backing. Rolls are 54″ wide (custom slitting is available). Compatible hooks include ULTRA-MATE(R) Hooks 822, 845, and 847 and VELCRO(R) brand Hooks 65 and 88. For more information about EVAPTEX(TM) fabric, please call Velcro USA Inc. at 1-800-225-0180, email marketing@velcro.com, or visit the EVAPTEX(TM) fabric website at www.velcro.com/evaptex or http://www.evaptex.com .

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Velcro USA Inc. is part of a worldwide family of companies founded on innovation inspired by nature. The Velcro companies worldwide are a technologically driven, global organization and the industry leader in hook and loop fasteners. For more information, visit www.velcro.com.

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