NIST Tests Identify IriTech as Iris Recognition Leader

October 2, 2009

FAIRFAX, Va., Oct. 2 /PRNewswire/ — IriTech, Inc., a leading provider of iris-based biometric identification technology, products and services, is identified in the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) IREX 2008 test as providing superior performance with operational iris images. NIST’s results show IriTech’s patented iris recognition algorithms outperforming the competition on many factors critical for successful operation.

The report addresses several factors critical to real-world use of iris identification, including enrollment, matching efficacy, and interoperability. The report states: “Across all datasets the [IriTech] SDKs give essentially zero failures to enroll.” No other iris technology provider achieved this same level of enrollment performance. On the subject of matching the report states: “On the OPS images . . . the [IriTech] SDKs are almost identical and give fewer than half the false non-matches of the next closest SDKs.” The next closest competitor had false non-match error rates nearly 2.5 times higher than IriTech, with some competitors exhibiting 10 times the error rate. Regarding interoperability the report states: “. . .the [IriTech] matchers are the most capable of matching IREX records regardless of their source.” This flexibility enables users of IriTech matchers the broadest choice of image and record sources, making IriTech a top choice for dealing with legacy data and for new systems to optimize interoperability.

“Iris recognition is being used in a growing number of mission critical applications, and it is important for all of us to know those applications are performing optimally,” said Dr. Kim, President and CEO of IriTech. “The NIST test results show a clear picture of what can, and should, be achieved. We are very pleased to provide our customers the pinnacle of iris recognition performance, and to provide them confidence in achieving mission success.”

IriTech’s patented dynamic variable-sector iris matching algorithms extend identification performance beyond what was achieved with traditional algorithms, providing more matches with higher match confidence. Advancements in dealing with iris occlusions, image scaling, and variable spatial frequency content drive strong performance increases with real-world imagery. IriTech has also increased processing speed, achieving speeds up to 100 times faster than the baseline supplied for the IREX tests; ensuring customers simultaneously receive ultimate accuracy and computing efficiency. These gains are crucial to providing best value results for many of today’s iris recognition users.

“The NIST test results are another strong validation of IriTech value and the news will accelerate business in what has already been a very good year,” said Jim Carlson, Executive Vice President of IriTech. “This stellar performance will drive growth through additional capture of existing market share, and through the win of more new contracts. The combination of IriTech’s powerful algorithms and cost-effective USB iris acquisition cameras will also continue to contribute to new business, as it has in the DoD marketplace and in the financial industry.”

About IriTech

IriTech, Inc., headquartered in Fairfax, VA, offers advanced iris-based identification technology and products that address positive identification needs in financial, law enforcement, homeland defense, and intelligence markets to combat fraud, identity theft, crime, and terrorism. IriTech focuses on continuing innovation in iris identification, delivering modular software and hardware products in an open business model, and addressing markets ranging from national solutions to individual mobile devices. For further information on IriTech, Inc., please see www.iritech.com/. Address inquiries to Joyce Y. Kim 703-877-2135, or via email to info@iritech.com.

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