SoluLinK Develops More Sensitive Analyte Detection With a Breakthrough All-in-One Conjugation Kit: HRP-Antibody Conjugates, 100% Pure, No Chromatography Needed.

October 13, 2009

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — SoluLinK, Inc., a leader in crosslinking products, introduces the first in a series of new, breakthrough products with the HRP-Antibody All-in-One Conjugation Kit; the first kit of its kind to allow researchers to make 100% pure conjugate probes without an HPLC. This kit employs SoluLinK’s patented HydraLink(TM) crosslinking technology, which allows for 100% conversion of antibody to conjugate, and includes a unique, rapid purification column. This results in a custom antibody-enzyme conjugate that is 100% free of any unconjugated starting material that may be used directly in ELISA, Western Blotting, and immunohistochemistry applications.

Up to now, researchers have not had access to the benefits of high quality, direct antibody-HRP probes for their assays, as previous methods are difficult to purify and give unreliable results. Direct conjugates were an impractical solution for assay development and optimization, leading to the use of messy techniques such as secondary assay binding which was both imprecise and limiting for multiplex discovery. Beginning with SoluLinK’s new HRP-Antibody All-in-One Conjugation Kit, researchers will now be able to develop new types of direct binding assays for analyte detection, drug discovery and cancer research that are more accurate and sensitive than before.

“We developed our All-in-One Kit technology to specifically address the need for higher sensitivity in antibody detection tools without the high cost of having HPLC equipment or expertise to do protein purifications with the previous, inefficient conjugation methods. Now, for the first time, a direct enzyme conjugation can be easily made with the contents of a single kit: SoluLinK’s All-in-One Conjugation Kit. We are very excited to begin offering this All-in-One series of solutions,” observed Leo Mendoza, Director of Product Development at SoluLinK.

About SoluLinK

SoluLinK is the leader in the development of conjugation reagents, easy-to-use linking kits, and conjugation services for the life science research, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical communities. These proprietary products and services provide unique features and benefits used to link proteins, oligonucleotides, peptides, and antibodies to each other or to a wide range of surfaces including beads, chips and slides. SoluLinK’s new HRP-Antibody All-in-One Conjugation Kit is the first in its pipeline of a series of new, easy-to-use All-in-One Conjugation Kits intended to enhance assay performance and measurement for customers in a broad range of markets. SoluLinK markets its products both directly and through distributors and licensing partners world-wide. SoluLinK is a privately held company located in San Diego, California. For more information, please visit www.solulink.com.

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