Video: Resveratrol-Based Nutriceutical (Longevinex(R)) Rapidly Activates White Blood Cells In Humans With Sluggish Immune Response

October 21, 2009

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire/ — Using live blood cell analysis, a resveratrol-based nutriceutical (Longevinex®) has been shown to visibly activate sluggish white blood cells in 9 of 10 human subjects within 30 minutes of consumption.

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This demonstration should allay poorly-founded concerns that resveratrol (rez-vair-ah-trawl) is not biologically active,” says Bill Sardi, managing partner of Resveratrol Partners LLC, the maker of Longevinex®.

One capsule of Longevinex® was shown to activate lethargic neutrophils — white blood cells that are the first to respond to viral or bacterial infection. Live blood cell analysis put Longevinex® to the test among individuals with immobile neutrophils. “This was not a lab dish study, but a live test to examine the speed which neutrophils respond to invading microorganisms among individuals who have listless white blood cells,” says Sardi.

Receptors on the surface of neutrophils detect invading microorganisms and activate them to intercept and digest viruses and bacteria. However, some individuals have slow-responding white-blood cells, a condition that now may be rectified rapidly with a nutriceutical, says Sardi. “Healthy immune response” is promoted by Longevinex®.

Resting or inactive neutrophils give an opportunity for invading viruses and bacteria to replicate in large numbers, in the millions per hour, before the immune system can mount a formidable defense against them. This is believed to be why individuals battling flu and cold viruses experience more severe symptoms in the first 3 or 4 days of infection, before the human immune system mounts a defense and overcomes the infection.

Neutrophils account for 70% of white blood cells and are the predominant cells in pus that produce its yellowish appearance. They generally arrive at the site of infection or injury within minutes and literally engulf invading germs.

Longevinex® rapidly resolves platelet clumping

In a companion live blood cell test, one capsule of Longevinex® was also shown to resolve excessive blood platelet clumping with 80% effectiveness in severe cases, rapidly restoring normal healthy platelet function.

In 8 of 10 consecutive patients, Longevinex® resolved abnormal blood platelet clumping within 30 minutes as measured by dark-field microscopy. On a scale of increasing severity ranging from 1+ to 4+, the pre-treatment average was 3.9+ and the post-treatment average was 1.6+, a 244% reduction in platelet clumpiness. In 3 of the 10 patients with severe platelet clumping, their score diminished to “negligible.

Dark-field live cell analysis provides rapid visual assessment of the real-time state of an individual’s health as evidenced in blood. Live blood cell analysis is carried out by placement of a drop of blood from the patient’s fingertip on a microscope slide. The “live blood sample” is then viewed at high magnification using a dark-field microscope and the photographic image is forwarded to a television monitor.

Both pilot studies were conducted by Nutriscreen of Covina, California. For further information please visit www.longevinex.com online.

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    Consecutive patients with severe abnormal blood platelet clumping as
    estimated by live blood cell analysis (dark-field microscopy) 1+ being
    less severe 4+ being most severe

    Patient    CLOTTING SEVERITY:         CLOTTING SEVERITY:        Notes
               PRE-LONGEVINEX              30-MINUTES POST
               1+  2+  3+  4+        Negligible  1+  2+  3+  4+
    1                      X                     X                Improved X3
    2                      X              X                       Improved X5
    3                      X              X                       Improved X5
    4                      X                             X        Improved X1
    5                      X                                 X    Same
    6                  X                         X                Improved X2
    7                      X                         X            Improved X2
    8                      X              X                       Improved X5
    9                      X                                 X    Same
    10*                    X                     X                Improved X3
    * After 1 hour Pre-Longevinex avg = 3.9+  Post-Longevinex
       avg = 1.6+                                                   8 of 10

    Data by Nutriscreen Aug-Sept 2009 7 males 3 females           improved
                                                                  Avg -3.25

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