Xoft Showcases Multi-Disciplinary Electronic Brachytherapy Cancer Treatment Platform at ASTRO

November 2, 2009

CHICAGO, Nov. 2 /PRNewswire/ — Xoft, Inc., developer of the Axxent(®) Electronic Brachytherapy, eBx(TM) System, which delivers non-radioactive, electronic therapy directly to cancer sites with minimal radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue, will showcase its growing suite of oncology treatment technologies here at the 51st American Society for Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) Meeting, November 1-5. Available for treatment of early stage breast cancer, endometrial cancer, and skin cancer, the Axxent System is also FDA-cleared for the treatment of other cancers or conditions where radiation therapy is indicated, including IORT (intra-operative radiation therapy).

The Company also announced that Axxent eBx Systems have been installed recently at several luminary accounts, including UCLA Medical Center, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Beth Israel Medical Center. The systems are currently being used to clinically treat patients for breast, endometrial and skin cancer, and will also be used for clinical studies investigating additional IORT applications.

As a platform technology, the Axxent System addresses a variety of oncological and non-oncological indications. Designed to deliver non-isotopic therapy directly to cancer sites during or following surgical removal, the Axxent System utilizes a proprietary miniaturized X-ray source and robotic controller and can be used to deliver radiation in minimally shielded therapeutic settings. Treatment can be performed without the need for a shielded room, allowing the radiation oncologist and other medical personnel to be present during treatment delivery which minimizes patient anxiety.

“When Electronic Brachytherapy was first introduced as an electronic, non-isotopic treatment option for early stage breast cancer, it represented a paradigm shifting technology,” said Michael Klein, president and CEO of Xoft. “As we have developed additional applications and indications, we are very pleased with the strong support and rapid adoption of these multi-disciplinary approaches for use of Electronic Brachytherapy to deliver treatment for breast, endometrial, skin and other cancers.

“Moving forward, we remain committed to expanding the eBx cancer treatment platform and are supporting a variety of studies investigating spine, inter-abdominal and breast applications. As more oncologists and surgeons at leading institutions such as UCLA, Sloan Kettering, and Beth Israel understand and adopt this powerful tool, we expect to see studies investigating additional IORT applications, as well as treatments for pancreatic and other recurring cancers,” added Klein.

About Xoft, Inc.

Xoft develops Electronic Brachytherapy (eBx) systems based upon miniaturized X-ray tube technology for the practice of radiation oncology in virtually any clinical setting, eliminating the need for heavily shielded environments. The Axxent® treatment platform provides a therapeutic dose of radiation directly to the region at risk with minimal radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and without the complex handling, resource logistics and costs associated with using radioactive isotopes. Xoft aligns with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) directive to seek alternatives for radioactive medical isotopes. Commercially available for treatment of early stage breast cancer, skin cancer and endometrial and rectal indications, the Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy System is also cleared for use in the treatment of other cancers or conditions where radiation therapy is indicated. For more information, visit www.xoftinc.com.

Axxent is a registered trademark and eBx is a trademark of Xoft, Inc.

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