ScinoPharm Breaks Ground for Changshu Plant

November 5, 2009

TAINAN, Taiwan, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — ScinoPharm, a leading global
supplier of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), has commenced
construction of a new plant on a 66670 square meter site. The facilities,
located in Changshu, Jiangsu province in China, will include a R&D centre and
production plants fully compliant with U.S. and international GMP standards.

The Changshu plant, slated to be fully operational by 2011, will be used
for the production of GMP grade pharmaceutical intermediates initially, and
later be equipped to handle API production. China’s market for better quality
APIs has grown considerably, and local formulation companies are encouraged to
utilize APIs from companies having DMFs filed in advanced countries.

“The new site is part of ScinoPharm’s long-term strategy to bolster its
presence in China. Additional manufacturing and R&D facilities will complement
our existing experience in selling quality APIs in regulated markets. The
Changshu plant will serve as a launching pad for the rapidly expanding Chinese
pharmaceutical market as well as a backup site to our customers,” said Dr. Jo
, President and CEO of ScinoPharm.

“The Changshu facilities will help ScinoPharm’s vertical integration with
high quality intermediates, and will ensure final API products are of the
highest quality and safety, yet at lower costs,” added Dr. Hardy Chan,
Executive Vice President and CSO of ScinoPharm.

ScinoPharm’s investment in Changshu will also address the increasing
number of multinational companies shifting their drug development research and
clinical trials to China.

“They need supporting companies, like ScinoPharm, that are beyond
medicinal chemistry companies and are knowledgeable about clinical API
development, has experience handling FDA inquiries, and also inspections,”
commented Dr. Chan.

This expansion augments its current CMP manufacturing facility in Taiwan
and allows the company to further support customer needs with a wide range of
cost-competitive development and manufacturing solutions. ScinoPharm’s current
China operations include two research and development bases in Kunshan and

About ScinoPharm Taiwan

ScinoPharm Taiwan Ltd. is a leading process R&D and API manufacturing
service provider to the global pharmaceutical industry. With cGMP production
facilities, ScinoPharm offers a wide portfolio of services ranging from custom
synthesis for early phase pharmaceutical activities to brand companies as well
as APIs for the generic industry. Combining cost-effective resources and
productivity of Asia along with extensive regulatory know-how, ScinoPharm is
uniquely positioned to serve global pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing needs
at any level and for any company in this sector. For more information please
visit http://www.scinopharm.com .

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