ARKRAY, Inc. Launches New and Improved Assure(R) Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring Test Strips

November 12, 2009

EDINA, Minn., Nov. 12 /PRNewswire/ — ARKRAY, Inc., the world’s 5th largest manufacturer of diabetes self-monitoring systems, today announced the launch of a new and improved Assure Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring Test Strip.

The Assure Pro Blood Glucose Monitoring System is uniquely designed for long term care and multi-resident use settings. Feature loaded, the Assure Pro meter helps facilities meet state regulatory standards and provide better resident care.

The new Assure Pro Test Strips require 50% less blood, reducing the sample size from 1 microliter to only 0.5 microliters. The new test strips also exceed the FDA’s proposed heightened accuracy guidelines. In a recent clinical study, 100% of result fall within 15% of a lab result and 98% fall within 10%*. All Assure blood glucose monitoring systems utilize glucose oxidase (GO) strip chemistry, which is not affected by interferences that cause testing errors in other common test strips.

“We are extremely excited to launch this new high accuracy test strip for our multi-resident use system,” said Richard Slouffman, Field Vice President-LTC. “With over 50% market share in long term care, it is important for us to continue to deliver products that meet or exceed standards, ensuring that facilities can deliver the best possible care for their residents.”

Assure Blood Glucose Meters are backed by the Assure® Brilliance program – a comprehensive service program from the leaders of diabetes management in long term care. Assure Brilliance provides customer service, on-site training, QA/QC guidance, diabetes F-Tag advice for LTC, a quarterly newsletter, online CE programs, and more to help facilities manage complex diabetes care in their facilities.

About ARKRAY USA – ARKRAY manufactures and distributes high-quality, cost-effective products that are simple, convenient, and easy-to-use, including blood glucose meters, test strips, safety lancets, and urine chemistry. ARKRAY invests heavily in R&D and has a strong commitment to high-quality products. For patients, this means access to cutting-edge, reliable products without sacrificing quality, and exceptional customer service.

For more information: www.assureusa.com

*Based on ISO 15197 requirements for blood glucose testing. Data from product’s 510(k) for values greater than or equal to 75 mg/dL.


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