NoiseBuster(R) Active Noise-Canceling Hearing Protector Makes a Great Holiday Gift for That Special Guy in Your Life

November 17, 2009

WILTON, Conn., Nov. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Whether he uses power tools, mows the lawn, attends NASCAR races or enjoys the shooting range, the things that he loves to do put him at greater risk of hearing loss. This holiday give that important man in your life the most advanced hearing protection available on the market today — the professional-grade, high-performance NoiseBuster Active Noise-Canceling Hearing Protector. Only NoiseBuster combines a passive earmuff with active noise-canceling electronics to deliver overall noise cancellation performance that is unmatched by any other hearing protector.

In addition to its superior noise cancellation, the NoiseBuster delivers awesome audio making it an excellent choice for users who want plug in their Mp3 player or radio while they work or play. And, because of the phenomenal level of noise cancellation he’ll get with NoiseBuster, he can listen to music or the ball game without overamplifying or distorting the signal in order to compensate for the noise.

The world a person lives in after hearing damage has occurred is not necessarily a quiet one. Some people experience a ringing in the ears. That’s called tinnitus. Others experience it as a hissing, roaring, whistling, chirping or clicking sound. Having that constant ringing or roaring in your ears, day and night, forever, can be very unpleasant, frustrating and exhausting.

Furthermore, it is well known that individuals with hearing loss tend to isolate themselves from social situations when communication and interaction with family and friends becomes more challenging. As a result, they become loners and can be depressed.

While it is 100% preventable, hearing loss is sneaky. He won’t feel it. It won’t hurt. It’s one of those things that will happen over time as a result of prolonged exposure to high noise levels. But, one thing is certain — once it happens, it’s irreversible. So, think for a moment how it would change everything in your life if one day he couldn’t hear the sound of your voice. So, this holiday, give a gift that actually matters.

The NoiseBuster PA4000 is priced at $149. The product comes packaged in a hard carry case along with an audio cable and AA battery. A 10% discount is available for web purchases. Go to http://www.noisebuster.net and use the coupon code NBJCP.

Product photos and additional resources available at http://www.noisebuster.net/media-kit.html

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Pro Tech Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to engineering high-performance, low-cost active noise reduction products that deliver the best in hearing protection. The company distributes its widely recognized NoiseBuster(R) brand of noise-canceling consumer audio headphones and active noise reduction industrial safety earmuffs worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.noisebuster.net.

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