November 21, 2009

Sexual Ignorance Revealed By British Poll

According to poll results released on Friday, 11 percent of British people still believe that sex standing up is an effective contraceptive method.

According to the government-commissioned survey, nearly one in five British people are also unaware that a woman can get pregnant during her period, or if the man withdraws before ejaculating.

Dr. Pam Spurr says, "In spite of our love of talking about sex and relationships, the survey suggests it's our lack of knowledge that is causing confusion."

Other findings from this poll confimred that 31 percent never discuss sexual health with their partners, while 17 percent don't know that infections like herpes and genital warts are resistant to antibiotics.

More than 27 percent admit to being too embarrassed to ask the questions they would like to ask.

The survey said that even when they do talk about sex, 62 percent turn the discussion into a joke.

"I'm encouraged to see that we've overcome a long-held aversion to talking about sex," said Spurr.

"But we've still got some way to go before we swap jokes and banter for the open, honest and informed conversations about sexual health and relationships that most of us would like."