Draeger and ICON Providing Clinical Support Services for H1N1 Caregivers

December 1, 2009

TELFORD, Pa., Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Given the severity of the influenza season this year which includes the declaration of H1N1 as a national emergency, Draeger and Intensive Care On-line Network (ICON) have agreed to provide clinical services to any hospital managing an H1N1 patient on APRV or APRV-like ventilation (i.e. Bi-Vent, Bi-level, etc).

Ed Coombs, associate director of marketing for respiratory care at Draeger stated, “As a world leader in mechanical ventilation, Draeger wants to do everything possible to help support the medical and respiratory care communities in the wake of the H1N1 flu pandemic.” Typically, ICON services are exclusive to Draeger ventilation customers; however, this pandemic is nationwide and shared expertise is required to improve overall outcomes. As a result of this critical situation, ICON has agreed to provide any hospital which uses other brands of mechanical ventilators access to ICON’s 24×7 call center to discuss patients clinically diagnosed with the H1N1 virus via real-time RT-PCR.

The American Thoracic Society has posted “Guidelines for Alternative Modes of Ventilation Used in the Management of Patients with ARDS Secondary to H1N1 Infection” (American Thoracic Society). These guidelines include the mode Airway Pressure Release Ventilation (APRV). ICON’s team of clinical specialists has extensive experience with APRV. The clinical team at ICON includes Nurses, Respiratory Therapists, Pharmacists, and Physicians — all of whom can provide guidance and support during this pandemic including direct physician to physician consultation, stated Penny Andrews RN, Chief Operations Officer of ICON.

ICON currently maintains a 24×7 clinical support call center to assist with troubleshooting and support of all Draeger mechanical ventilators. If you choose to take advantage of this support service, please call 1-888-404-ICON. Clinicians are standing by to take your call.

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About ICON

Intensive Care On-line Network (ICON), a global leader in clinician support services and technologies, provides services to hospitals across the USA, Canada and UK. ICON services include a multi-professional staffed 24×7 call center available to assist healthcare providers with troubleshooting alarms, education of device features and answering general questions. ICON uses an extensive knowledge database and server-based decision support systems designed to optimize clinician bedside knowledge to enhance patient care and safety. ICON, located in Baltimore, Maryland, provides support to major medical manufacturers including Gambro Renal Products.

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