EUCODIS Bioscience Appoints Thomas Fischer as New CEO

December 7, 2009

VIENNA, Austria, December 7 /PRNewswire/ — EUCODIS Bioscience, a company
developing, customizing, manufacturing, and marketing enzymes for the
chemical industry, announced today that it has appointed Mr Thomas Fischer,
currently CFO, as new CEO of the Company. Going forward, EUCODIS Bioscience’
sole focus will be to provide high-performance enzymes to customers,
capitalizing on the Company’s experience in commercial enzyme development and
on its proven technology of “in vivo recombination”.

In line with this move EUCODIS Bioscience will spin out its French
research subsidiary in a management buy-in lead by Rudy Pandjaitan, PhD,
previously CEO of EUCODIS Bioscience.

Dr. Pandjaitan will acquire a majority stake in the new entity. Under his
leadership the new entity will develop next-generation applications of “in
vivo recombination”. EUCODIS Bioscience will retain a strategic share in its
former subsidiary.

“White Biotechnology, or enzyme-based products and manufacturing, is a
100 billion Euro market, and EUCODIS Bioscience is well positioned to exploit
the huge commercial potential of this business”, said Thomas Fischer, CEO of
EUCODIS Bioscience. “It was under Rudy’s leadership that the Company has
developed into this position, and we are pleased that he will continue to
actively support EUCODIS Bioscience in the area of business development as a

“EUCODIS Bioscience’ technology is a powerful and proven tool for the
creation of novel enzymes”, said Dr. Pandjaitan. “Even more fascinating, in
vivo recombination may also be used in synthetic biology, generating DNA
strands of more than 10,000 base pairs on a routine basis. It is our vision
that in vivo recombination will enable the creation of novel pathways and
even whole genomes, providing a key technology for the ‘cellular factory’ of
the future.”

“In vivo recombination” is EUCODIS Bioscience’ proprietary,
patent-protected technology for the development of industrial enzymes with
novel properties.

About EUCODIS Bioscience

EUCODIS Bioscience GmbH develops, customizes, manufactures, and markets
industrial enzymes.

EUCODIS Bioscience’ products help customers in the chemical,
pharmaceutical, and food and feed industries to make manufacturing processes
more efficient and cleaner, and to generate products with superior properties.

EUCODIS Bioscience originally focused on developing enzymes for
industrial partners, including GlaxoSmithKline, Henkel, and Lohmann Animal
Health. Since 2009, the Company also markets its own products.

Led by an experienced management team, EUCODIS Bioscience is backed by
Austrian and German institutional venture capital funds, founders, and
private investors. The Company is headquartered in Austria, Europe, with a
subsidiary in Germany.

    For more information, please visit http://www.eucodisbioscience.com

    Company contact EUCODIS Bioscience:
    Thomas Fischer, MBA
    EUCODIS Bioscience
    Campus Vienna Biocenter II
    Viehmarktgasse 2 a/ 2 OG
    A-1030 Vienna

    Media contact EUCODIS Bioscience:
    Frank Butschbacher
    Investor Relations & Communications




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