‘Are You Sipping Your Way to Fat?’ Asks Bariatric Physician Caroline Cederquist, M.D.

December 10, 2009

NAPLES, Fla., Dec. 10 /PRNewswire/ — When researchers go looking for trends that might explain the nation’s obesity epidemic, most agree that Americans have a “drinking problem.” Alcohol, soda, and specialty coffee drinks are making significant impacts on our daily calorie count. The worst part? We don’t realize it.

A recent study of the weight of 810 adults carried out over an 18-month period shows what many doctors and dietitians have been saying for years: Americans are indeed sipping their way to fat. Liquid calories accounted for an average of 356 calories per day. Sugar-sweetened beverages accounted for 37% of all liquid calories consumed.

The study’s authors, along with others, speculate that calories consumed from liquid sources have poor satiety properties. Unlike solid food consumption, a soda doesn’t make you feel full – nor does a coffee, beer, or cocktail.

“We tend to think that liquid calories don’t count,” said bariatric physician Caroline Cederquist, M.D. “Just because you aren’t chewing it doesn’t mean you aren’t consuming it.”

While light has been shed recently on the calories and sugar content of many coffee drinks, they are still popular at major chains. “Would you ever wake up in the morning and have a milkshake on your way to work?” Dr. Cederquist asked. “Probably not. But the fat, caloric, and sugar content in many coffee drinks is comparable to what is found in a milkshake. And we’re drinking these daily.”

The same can be said for the cocktails favored by many. “The calorie content of a margarita is comparable to that of a Big Mac,” Dr. Cederquist said. “You certainly wouldn’t order three Big Macs in one night, yet many bar-goers will return to the bar for margarita numbers two, three, and four.”

Dr. Cederquist suggests keeping an honest food journal for a week and including all liquid calories consumed as well. “Just being aware of everything you eat and drink will have a positive impact on your health.”

In addition to running her Florida-based practice, Dr. Cederquist is also the creator of national diet delivery company Bistro MD. The company delivers gourmet diet food and snacks directly to customers’ homes. Bistro MD clients are encouraged to drink water, tea, or diet soda with their meals.

Bistro MD’s chief operating officer Dick Bruno explained that the holidays are a good time to practice control. “A diet delivery plan makes eating right effortless. For those trying to manage their weight on their own, awareness is key.”

Keep a food journal, look up calorie and sugar content of your favorite beverages, and be aware of what you’re sipping.

“When you gain consciousness, you often lose weight,” Dr. Cederquist said. “Knowledge is a very effective weight loss solution.”

Caroline Cederquist, M.D. is board certified in family medicine and bariatrics. Bistro MD serves as the culmination of her expertise in the medical specialty of weight management. For more information, visit http://www.BistroMD.com.

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