December 10, 2009

Study Shows Alcoholics Drink More When Older

It could be the tolerance they've built up over the years or the extra time on their hands, but older people with alcohol problems drink a lot more than younger adults with similar problems, according to a new study.

Ohio State University researchers found that alcoholics older than 60 drink more than 40 drinks a week, while alcoholics 25 to 39 years old have 25 to 35 drinks a week.

The study also found that older alcoholics binge drink about 19 times a month compared with younger alcoholics who binge 13 to 15 times a month.

Binge drinking is defined as five or more drinks a day for men, four or more drinks a day for women.

"You associate binge drinking with college-age people drinking at football games, but older people are binge drinking," said Linda Ginzer, study co-author and doctoral student in social work at OSU.

It also found that three times more men than women were alcoholics or had a dependence on alcohol.


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