December 14, 2009

Jingle Played On Australian Beaches Encourages Sun Safety

Australian health officials have created an original way to remind beachgoers to re-apply their sunscreen.

The Cancer Council of New South Wales on Sunday debuted a five-second jingle to encourage people to stop tanning and apply skin protection.

It will broadcast at beaches in parts of Sydney at habitual times during the day this summer in hopes that this reminder will reduce harmful sun exposure.

"Although most teenagers know the importance of protecting their skin, it's easy to forget when out and about having fun," said council's skin cancer prevention expert Sofia Khayech to Yahoo News.

Melanoma is the most widespread kind of cancer in people 15-44 in Australia.

Khayech said that the jingle, to be played over loudspeakers, was developed to act as a "friendly reminder" to use sunscreen, wear a hat and find the shade.

"Many people don't realize sun damage in the first 15 years of life greatly increases the risk of skin cancer in later life," she said.

Officials want to further expand the counsel to other parts of Australia if the endeavor is doing well.


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