Published in “Bone” Journal, Scientific Researches Confirm Peptan(TM) Hydrolyzed Collagen Benefits on Bone Health

December 16, 2009

PUTEAUX, France, December 16 /PRNewswire/ –

– Studies Conducted at INRA-Agroparistech Laboratory Under Pr. Daniel
Supervision and Published* in November 2009, in the Official Journal
of the International Bone and Mineral Society “Bone”, Reveal new Benefits for
Peptan(TM) in Osteoporosis Prevention

In response to consumer concerns regarding long-term bone health,
Rousselot has carried out, for several years now, many studies to demonstrate
that an oral intake of Peptan(TM) may have a positive impact on osteoporosis.

Bone is a living dynamic metabolic system that relies on a maintained
balance between bone formation and bone resorption. Cells called osteoblasts
make bone while cells called osteoclasts resorb it. An imbalance may lead to
osteoporosis, a condition where the density and quality of bone is reduced.

Researchers conducted in vitro studies, and highlighted that Peptan(TM)
in bone cell culture induced a better differentiation of osteoblasts. Those
positive results have then been confirmed in vivo on ovariectomized mice,
used to simulate a postmenopausal osteoporosis, which leads to a lower bone
mineral density (BMD).

Animals were divided into three groups: a control group (non
ovariectomized), a group of ovariectomized mice, both fed with a normal diet
and a group of ovariectomized mice that received a diet containing
Peptan(TM). After 12 weeks, the BMD of the group fed with Peptan(TM) is not
significantly different from the BMD of control group. On the contrary the
BMD of ovariectomized mice not fed with Peptan(TM) is lower.

Confirmation of Peptan(TM) benefits on bone health has been obtained by
the measures of Carboxy Terminal Telopeptide (CTX), a usual marker of bone
resorption. CTX is significantly lower in mice fed with Peptan(TM) indicating
that bone resorption is reduced.

Researchers conclude that Peptan(TM) may restore bone density in
simulated post-menopausal osteoporosis by stimulating osteoblast growth and
differentiation. This demonstrates the interest of Peptan(TM) as a bioactive
ingredient to help preventing bone loss during aging.

*Hydrolyzed collagen improves bone metabolism and biomechanical
parameters in ovariectomized mice: an in vitro and in vivo study.
Guillerminet et al. Bone 2009.

Rousselot, http://www.rousselot.com

Part of VION N.V. (N.L.), Rousselot(R) is the worldwide leader in
gelatine and hydrolyzed collagen. VION N.V. is an internationally operating
food group that produces high-quality foods and ingredients for humans and
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