OBP Medical Reinvents the Disposable Vaginal Speculum with the OfficeSPEC(TM)

January 18, 2010

LAWRENCE, Mass., Jan. 18 /PRNewswire/ — OBP Medical Inc. introduces the OfficeSPEC(TM), the first disposable side-opening vaginal speculum for office-based hysteroscopic procedures.

OBP Medical was founded with the office-based physician in mind and continues to prove it! The OfficeSPEC(TM) disposable side-opening vaginal speculum is truly a first of its kind. Not only is the OfficeSPEC(TM) the first disposable side-opening vaginal speculum to hit the worldwide market, it is the only vaginal speculum to feature a built-in disposable LED light source.

“Side-opening capability coupled with a fully disposable LED light source and built-in smoke evacuation channel will make the OfficeSPEC(TM) the first choice for any office based hysteroscopic procedure.” said Jeff Swift, CEO of OBP Medical.

Designed specifically for use with hysteroscopic procedures, the OfficeSPEC(TM)’s side-opening feature allows for improved instrument access and control while offering the physician the option of removing the speculum mid procedure for increased patient comfort. The built-in hands free LED light source allows the physician to move freely without the hassle of repositioning an external light source. The LED light pipe doubles as a smoke evacuation channel for improved visibility during electrocautery procedures.

“OBP Medical is pleased with physician response to our disposable lighted side-opening speculum,” said Swift, CEO of OBP Medical. “The OBP Medical OfficeSPEC(TM) provides both patients and doctors a more comfortable experience while lowering the overall cost of health care.”

For single use only, the OfficeSPEC(TM) eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the chance of cross-contamination in the medical setting. The OfficeSPEC(TM) disposable side-opening speculum is a must have instrument for the in-office physician.

The OfficeSPEC(TM) is now available for purchase at www.obpmedical.com. For more information on the OfficeSPEC(TM) please contact OBP Medical Inc at 888.300.2946 or visit our website at www.obpmedical.com. OBP Medical, Inc. is proud to be ISO13485 certified.

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