Pfizer Selects ChemAxon’s Markush Platform

January 22, 2010

BUDAPEST, Hungary, January 22 /PRNewswire/ –

– Pfizer Globally Licenses ChemAxon’s Platform For Markush Structure
Searching And Enumeration

ChemAxon – a leading provider of cheminformatics software for the life
sciences industry has entered into agreement with Pfizer to provide its
Markush searching and structure enumeration functionality for global
development and deployment within Pfizer’s global R&D facilities.

“Markush structure search and enumeration is becoming of critical
importance for structure IP and patent development.” said Alex Drijver, CEO
of ChemAxon. “It is an area where ChemAxon has developed a high area of
expertise and where we are moving very much into the forefront.”

ChemAxon is a leader in providing cheminformatics software development
platforms and applications for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and
agrochemical industries. With core capabilities for structure visualization,
search and management, property prediction, virtual synthesis, screening and
drug design, ChemAxon focuses upon active interaction with users and software
portability to create powerful, cost effective cross platform solutions and
programming interfaces to power modern cheminformatics and chemical
communication. For more information please visit http://www.chemaxon.com.

SOURCE ChemAxon Ltd.

Source: newswire

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