38Fule Participates in Women’s Reproductive Health Project

February 1, 2010

BEIJING, Feb. 1 /PRNewswire-Asia/ — The opening ceremony of “Health and
Me – China Women’s Reproductive Health Project,” which is solely sponsored by
38Fule Inc., was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China on Jan.
21, 2010
. Qingyi Huang, the General Director of the Chinese Women’s
Development Fund; Zhen Yan, Vice-chairman of the Chinese Women’s Federation;
and Yang Lan, the Health Care Ambassador, participated in the ceremony.

Xiaofeng Yuan, the Chairman of 38Fule, was invited to attend the opening
ceremony as well.

The China Women’s Reproductive Health Project was hosted by the All-China
Women’s Federation and the China Ministry of Health. The goal of the project
is popularizing scientific knowledge, promoting healthy living, focusing on
women’s health and promoting family happiness.

The committee hopes the prevention and cure of cervical cancer and breast
cancer will become a main societal focus. To prevent, find and cure female
diseases as early as possible may help more women live healthy, disease-free
lives. Meanwhile, the committee hopes that the whole of society can help
advance to prevention and cure the diseases among the poor.

Yang Lan, the Health Care Ambassador, said that people should do as much
as they can for the cause of female health.

Xiaofeng Yuan, the Chairman of 38Fule, made a speech emphasizing that the
development of enterprises is because of society, so enterprises should give
back to society, and that it is the obligation of companies to contribute to
societal causes. Ms. Yuan said that 38Fule is proud to participate in the
China Women’s Reproductive Health Project and that they have an obligation to
serve society.

Caring for women’s health requires not just the support of the government,
but also the help of society. The committee calls on the media to promote the
new & healthy life style among women and to promote the prevention and
increased public awareness of female diseases. Medical institutions should
work on focusing on the prevention of cervical cancer and breast cancer, try
to prevent, find and cure diseases as soon as possible. The committee stated
that the treatment of female diseases should combine Western and Chinese
medicine and treatments, so that women may benefit from both. Meanwhile, the
financial institutions should offer more social safety nets for women.


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