Reproductive Partners Announces The Success Prime IVF Program

February 9, 2010

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Reproductive Partners Medical Group, Inc. announces the launch of the Success Prime IVF Program, an IVF money back guarantee for best-case patients.

“The Success Prime Program is really very simple,” says Dr. Arthur Wisot of Reproductive Partners. “If we determine that you are an eligible candidate, and if you do not get pregnant with embryos from either a fresh or frozen embryo IVF cycle, you will receive a refund of the Global Fee of $11,650 standard IVF or $13,350 for IVF with egg donation.”

Among other characteristics, prime candidates using their own eggs must be under the age of 34, have a BMI under 30 and both partners must be non-smokers for at least six months. If the patient is using an egg donor, the egg donor must meet all the requirements of a prime candidate.

The success rate data at RPMG shows couples and donors who are considered prime candidates for IVF often succeed in their first cycle. The doctors at Reproductive Partners want to encourage their patients to do everything possible to enhance the chance of a successful outcome.

“The Success Prime IVF Program demonstrates our confidence in treating patients who take every step to prepare for pregnancy,” says Dr. Wisot. “We believe in success and stand by our success rates with this IVF refund program.”

For complete program details, please see the Success Prime Program page on the Reproductive Partners Web site.

About Reproductive Partners – Medical Group, Inc.:

Reproductive Partners Medical Group is a team of nationally and internationally recognized pioneers and innovators in the field of infertility treatment. RPMG provides IVF, ICSI, PGD, egg freezing, and other fertility treatments throughout Southern California including, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego areas.


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