Resveratrol May Replace Aspirin As Heart Protector; Longevinex(R) First Branded Resveratrol Pill Successfully Tested During Experimental Heart Attack

February 25, 2010

With the realization that half of the people experiencing a sudden mortal
heart attack were taking aspirin on the day of their demise, researchers have
begun to search for a more reliable alternative, and they may have found it
in a red wine molecule called resveratrol (rez-vair-ah-trawl).

Researchers at the University of Connecticut induced heart attacks in
animals and found resveratrol significantly reduces damage to heart muscle.
Scarring and fibrosis were limited and the animals survived an otherwise
mortal event.

Resveratrol may provoke a pre-conditioning effect whereby antioxidant
defenses in the heart are switched on prior to a heart attack, therefore
limiting damage to heart muscle should such an event occur.

The dosage of resveratrol is critical in producing the pre-conditioning
effect – researchers found the human equivalent dosage of 175-350 milligrams
reduced damage to the heart during a heart attack, while ten times greater
dose (1750-3500 mg) increased the area of damaged cardiac tissue.

A branded resveratrol pill, Longevinex(R) (www.longevinex.com) , was
found to afford the same level of protection at a much lower dose – 100
milligrams of resveratrol, which may be due to its micronized,
micronencapsulated delivery system and combination with other antioxidants
(quercetin, rice bran, vitamin D and ferulic acid).

Since resveratrol also thins the blood and inhibits clots that form in
coronary arteries in a similar fashion to aspirin, and exhibits other
beneficial properties, such as anti-adhesion factors that inhibit plaque from
sticking to artery walls, it may be superior to aspirin.

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    NEWS: Could Resveratrol Replace Aspirin As A Heart Protector?

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    * Dipak K. Das, Ph.D., Professor/Director, The Cardiovascular Research
      Center, University of Connecticut

    * Various Lab Footage
    * Red Wine
    * Grapes

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