Stryker’s New Plating Systems Expand Options for Bone Fracture Repair

March 11, 2010

NEW ORLEANS, March 11 /PRNewswire/ — Stryker Corporation’s Orthopaedics Division today announced the release of three new plating systems: the VariAx Elbow Locking Plate System, the VariAx Fibula Locking Plate System and the AxSOS Extremity Plating System, which are all designed to expand the range of treatment options for bone fracture repair.

Historically, surgeons used pre-determined screw angulation options for plating systems used in bone fracture repair. In some instances, the implants may not have been anatomic or precontoured for the patient’s indication, and may not have provided the choice of locking or non-locking screws. The new AxSOS and VariAx locking plate systems are designed to provide next generation solutions to these challenges by providing a variety of precontoured plates and straight plates. VariAx also gives surgeons the flexibility to choose the angulation of locking screws.

“Both surgeons and patients can benefit from fracture fixation solutions that can be customized, which can enhance operating room efficiency and may result in better clinical outcomes,” said Lisa Thompson, Vice President, Global Promotional Marketing for Stryker’s Trauma & Extremities business. “Our new plating systems expand the surgeon’s options in the key areas of implant size, fixation and strength, allowing the surgeon to have increased confidence in achieving the best clinical outcome for their patients.”

Stryker’s new VariAx Locked Plating Systems feature more options than other systems, allowing surgeons to provide a more customized solution through a wider range of real-time choices in the operating room. Stryker’s AxSOS Extremity Plating System features locking fixation where the surgeon needs it, to allow for greater confidence in fracture fixation and better patient fit.

By using these plating solutions with Stryker’s Asnis Micro Cannulated Screw system, the Company now offers multiple plating solutions for bone fractures of the hand, distal radius, elbow, foot and fibula.

“We’ve seen incredible success with our nailing systems, like Gamma and Hoffman,” said Thompson. “We are very focused on reinforcing our plating business – a business we’ve been in a long time – and to offer surgeons more options for bone fracture repair than they’ve ever had.”

Stryker has provided plating solutions for bone fractures since the 1970s, beginning with craniomaxilofacial micro-implants and broadening to include the Letournel Pelvic Kit in the 1980s, as well as the Matta Pelvic System, one of the most successful pelvic fracture systems of its time. Stryker then introduced small and basic fragmentation solutions with EpiUnion peri-articular plates, which began to be used all over the world. The VariAx and AxSOS brands were introduced in early 2006, with VariAx featuring Smart Lock technology in a low profile titanium plating system which forms the basis of today’s VariAx range of products.

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