March 18, 2010

Kraft to Cut Salt in U.S., Canadian Foods

Kraft Foods has announced plans to cut salt in many of their major brands, including Oscar Meyer lunchmeats, Planters nuts, Ritz crackers, and Velveeta processed cheese products.

In a corporate press release dated March 17, the company revealed plans to reduce sodium levels by an average of 10-percent in all of their North American brands over the next two years.

"We are reducing sodium because it's good for consumers, and, if done properly, it's good for business," Rhonda Jordan, President of Health & Wellness for Kraft said during the media statement. "A growing number of consumers are concerned about their sodium intake and we want to help them translate their intentions into actions."

"We are aggressively working toward our goal of a 10 percent reduction across the Kraft Foods portfolio" which includes more than 1,000 different product types, Jordan added, "and we're pushing for greater reductions in the long term. We're constantly looking for and investing in new technologies to help us get there."

According to the company, the move will eliminate more than 10 million combined pounds of salt from Kraft products, and will include cuts of up to 20-percent in some foodstuffs.

They join Campbell's Soup Co. and ConAgra Foods, Inc. and other food producers who have recently moved to reduce sodium content.

In October, ConAgra announced they would cut salt in such popular brands as Chef Boyardee and Hebrew National by 20-percent over a five-year plan. Meanwhile, Campbell's has reduced sodium by up to half in more than 100 different products, including Prego pasta sauces and many of its soup varieties, by as much as half over the past 48 months.


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