LiftSeat Named Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Hygie Hygienic Cover System

March 19, 2010

ATLANTA, March 19 /PRNewswire/ — LiftSeat Corporation, a leading healthcare toileting solutions company, is now the exclusive distributor in the United States of the Hygie Hygienic Cover System, which is proven to help prevent the spread of potentially fatal healthcare-associated infections. The joint announcement was made today at the Fifth Decennial International Conference on Healthcare-Associated Infections 2010.

Hygie’s disposable hygienic covers work with bedpans and commodes and feature a GelMax super-absorbent pad capable of converting 500 ml of organic liquid and matter into gel while also blocking odors. Hygienic covers eliminate the need to remove a receptacle from a patient’s room for cleaning, eradicating an important contributor to the spread of healthcare-associated infections.

“We are pleased to work with Hygie to bring to the U.S. healthcare market the same infection control solution that has been so widely accepted in Canada,” says Greg Kilgore, president of LiftSeat. “Hygie’s Hygienic Cover System addresses a critical healthcare risk and we believe it will become a standard for the care of isolation patients in addition to being practical for the care of any patient needing a bedpan or commode.

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Infection Control, 13 out of every 1,000 patients or approximately 7,178 inpatients are infected or colonized with Clostridium difficile every day.(1) These infections, which are transmitted through pathogens contained in the organic waste of an infected patient, kill between 165 and 438 patients every day and cost between $17.6 and $51.5 million.

Another study published by Quebec’s Ministry of Health and Social Services found hygienic covers to be particularly effective in controlling infection and contamination risks in the event of a C. difficile outbreak.(2) Further, the average cost related to C. difficile-associated disease acquired during a hospital stay in the province was estimated to be $16,717 CAD ($16,212 USD).

“Stopping the spread of healthcare-associated infections such as C. difficile is now a foundational infection prevention strategy for hospitals and other healthcare facilities,” says Eric Tanguay, president of Hygie. “The Hygienic Cover System makes it possible to contain pathogens at the source. This method is effective in this battle and LiftSeat’s position and reputation as a leading toileting solutions company in the United States make them the perfect partner to bring Hygie’s solution to healthcare providers in that market.”

In addition to the single-use, oxo-biodegradable covers for bedpans and commodes, the Hygie Hygienic Cover System includes specially designed bags for bedside urinal and emesis applications as well as a full line of supports, commode chairs, dispensers and scales for measuring patient urine output.

“The hygienic covers from Hygie are great point-of-care containment tools for organic waste when a healthcare-associated infection is suspected or confirmed,” says Debbie Smith, director of Health Programs for Niagra Health Systems. “Reducing the transportation of soiled patient care equipment, and also limiting the manipulation of organic waste, will help to reduce the spread of pathogens. This process will, in turn, protect patients and employees from the risks of cross-contamination.”

For more information on the Hygie Hygienic Cover System, contact LiftSeat at 877-665-4381 or visit www.liftseat.com.

About LiftSeat

LiftSeat® Corporation is a US-based company that develops, manufactures and markets a full line of toileting solutions that reduce falls and increase patient and caregiver safety. The company’s high quality powerized toilet lifts are designed to meet the rigorous clinical requirements of the institutional healthcare market. LiftSeat also is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Hygie’s Hygienic Cover System which includes single-use, biodegradable, commode, bedpan, emesis and urinal covers to help reduce the spread of C. difficile and other healthcare-acquired infections and minimize cross-contamination related to the necessary task of patient waste disposal. For more information on LiftSeat, visit www.liftseat.com.

About Hygie

Hygie is a forward-looking company and is proud to bring innovative products to the healthcare industry. Hygie distributes a variety of innovative hygienic products, destined to the medical (hospitals, geriatric and home healthcare services) and paramedical sectors. In doing so, Hygie aims to offer economic and hygienic solutions to healthcare providers, while pursuing partnerships to advance research and technology, to benefit all aspects of healthcare. More information on Hygie is available at www.hygie.com.

(1) Jarvis W, Schlosser J, Jarvis A, Chinn R, The National Prevalence Study of Clostridium difficile in U.S. Healthcare Facilities AJIC 2009:(4):263-270

(2) C. Lobe, ”Comparative Analysis of Bedpan Processing Equipment,” ETMIS, 2009, Vol. 5: No. 4

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