Particle Sciences Announces the Acquisition of Unique PEG-Based Polymer Technology

April 13, 2010

BETHLEHEM, Pa., April 13 /PRNewswire/ — Particle Sciences Inc. (PSI), a leading pharmaceutical CRO, is adding to its portfolio of drug delivery technologies through the acquisition of a versatile PEG-based technology. The technology covers a series of PEG-grafted cationic polymers that have a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical arena.

According to Robert Lee, Particle Sciences’ VP Pharmaceutical Development, “PEGylation is a recognized approach to stabilize drug suspensions, improve drug solubility and bioavailability, and reduce toxicity and reticuloendothelial system interaction. The technology we have acquired covers a set of novel, biocompatible PEGylated polymers allowing the PEGylation of particles and biological surfaces. We are confident that our clients will benefit from this acquisition and have already started several development programs utilizing them.”

“Particle Sciences has been working with this technology for some time now and we are very happy with the performance and in vivo tolerability results obtained thus far in several different systems. To bolster the acquired technology, we have filed additional intellectual property to both broaden and extend its patent coverage,” added Andrew Loxley, Particle Sciences’ Director of New Technologies.

Particle Sciences is an integrated provider of drug development services. Particle Sciences focuses on emulsions, gels, particulates and drug/device combination products with additional specialized capabilities in topical and mucosal drug delivery. Through a full range of formulation, analytic, and manufacturing services, Particle Sciences provides pharmaceutical companies with a complete and seamless development solution that minimizes the time and risk between discovery and the clinic. The company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Visit www.particlesciences.com, email info@particlesciences.com or contact us at (610) 861-4701 for information.

    Contact: Robert Lee, Ph.D.

SOURCE Particle Sciences Inc.

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