Ocean’s Flavor Natural Sea Salts Says Regulations are Not Enough

April 21, 2010

ASHEVILLE, N.C., April 21 /PRNewswire/ – Al Kirchner, CEO of Ocean’s Flavor Natural Sea Salts, the world leader in the sale and distribution of natural less sodium sea salts responds to the news of potential sodium regulations now being considered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). As the FDA statement acknowledges, many top food producers have taken the initiative in reducing sodium in the foods they produce.

Kirchner calls upon those involved in the evaluation of potential policy regulations to also explain and educate the distinction between salt and sodium. Kirchner explains that though spoken of and written of, even by the experts, as synonymous, salt and sodium are not the same thing. Salt — table salt — is actually sodium chloride. Sodium is the health threat and culprit behind hypertension, stroke and heart disease. “Typical table salt consists of 40% sodium. Our natural product line offers a range of reduced sodium sea salts,” said Kirchner. “The reduced sodium is a huge health benefit.”

As opposed to salts produced and processed in a lab, Ocean’s Flavor Natural Sea Salts are “harvested” with a patented all natural evaporation process. Further, this process also retains 84 necessary minerals for a balanced diet and healthy body.

According to Kirchner, not enough credit is given to U.S. food industry leaders. “Our top food producers understand this distinction between salt and sodium — that they are not the same thing — and they are leading the change to reduce harmful sodium in their quality food products.”

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) is an independent, nonprofit organization that works as an advisor to decision makers and the public to improve health. In 2008, the IOM was asked by the U.S. Congress to produce a Consensus Report to propose strategies for the reduction of sodium in American diets to levels recommended by Federal Dietary Guidelines.

The Food and Drug Administration is now evaluating whether or not to include regulations for the reduction of sodium in processed foods as part of its policy.

Over the past seven years, Ocean’s Flavor has become the world’s leader in the sale and distribution of natural less sodium sea salts. Their natural sea salts can be found in many varied food products as quality food industry companies pursue lower sodium salts as ingredients in their global products. Ocean’s Flavor is ahead of the curve in reducing sodium by “thinking natural,” and keeping the taste of what real less sodium sea salt should taste like. Please visit www.oceansflavor.com.

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