WISeKey Announce New Services and Solutions for Latin America at MIT

April 23, 2010

GENEVA and CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts, April 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ –

Carlos Moreira, Chairman and Founder of WISeKey, is to unveil his vision and
plans towards the region in an address to a selected audience of over 500
entrepreneurs and members of the science community in New England during the
traditional MIT Latin Conference to be held this week-end in Cambridge,

Carlos Moreira will debate some of these initiatives with MIT’s Media Lab
Scholars and MIT Sloan School of Management’s Dean, David Schmittlein, at the
opening of the Conference.

WISeKey, a World Economic Forum High Growth Company, is to present its
deployment plan to provide Trusted Digital Identities and Secure Cloud
Services to Spanish and Portuguese-speaking populations in Latin America and
the US. WISeKey is a world leader in solutions designed to digital
identification, secure electronic transactions and cloud computing.

The first e-security company in the world to offer decentralized Trust
Models and PKI architecture, WISeKey allows ecosystems to be federated via a
linguistic attribute that makes them interact while maintaining local
traditions and languages.

Gone are the days of huge centralized clouds and ID metasystems with no
respect to local traditions, languages and national boundaries.

During his presentation, Moreira will provide an overview of the Latin
American Digital Identification and Trusted cloud computing landscape. He
will have a particular focus on how Latin American ecosystems can leverage
cloud utilization at local and national levels, allowing them to improve the
interconnectivity among Spanish and Portuguese-speaking populations, which is
now the third largest language group on earth.

This also includes the US, where over 44 million Spanish-speakers reside
- with that number expected to surpass 100 million by 2050 according to the
US Census.

Generally speaking, English is the universal language on the Internet and
cloud computing. But the use of only one language tends to polarize the world
into Internet users and Internet illiterates, and to exclude huge populations
from the benefits of these technologies.

The position of English on the building of cloud services can only be
altered by major world-scale political and economic changes, such as
increasing importance of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking communities and
ecosystems that might wish and be able to promote another language than
English. Developing localized ID services and cloud computing in Spanish and
Portuguese will reduce the cost of the cloud technology.

Cloud computing is relatively new, but rapidly growing in Latin America.
WISeKey is assisting some local providers in leveraging their data centers,
increasing their security and trust models, and adding digital identification
technologies to provide trusted secure services to their client maintaining
their linguistic neutrality.

Carlos Moreira is also to detail at the MIT Latin Conference WISeKey’s
enhanced presence in the region. The primary focus will be in partnering up
with local companies and governments in the establishment of technology
transactional hubs, which provide the required platform for the industrial
development of technologies, local R&D and applications for firms, the public
sector and individuals.

WISeKey Brazil was recently established in partnership with the
Brasilinvest Group. The name of its new CEO, who will also share
responsibilities for expanding operations to other Latin American countries,
is to be announced in the next few weeks.

    Benjamim Ferreira
    +41-79/513 28 38 (mobile)


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